Every curve


稽古彫り・Training blocks

Traditionally ukiyoe woodlbock carvers train by carving jōruri-style lettering which is a cursive script with phonetic annotations used for jōruri narrative lyrics in order to learn how to hold the kogatana knife. The idea is to learn to faithfully carve curved lines. In this work I molded the hands of master carver Motoharu Asaka—the north and south positions of inside and outside the circle resulting in 8 positions. This work, which allows you to examine the knowledge that exists in your hands in three dimensions, presents a question of the relationship between humans and labor, as well as the question of where to draw the distinction between person,tool, material in the process of “making.”
浮世絵の彫師の職人さんは、弟子入りの時から浄瑠璃文字を彫って小刀を身に つけていく。曲線を忠実に彫る事が最もな目的である。 この研究作品では彫師匠の手を、輪の内、外、北、南、8箇所の 代表的な持ち方の型取りをし、石膏に残した。 手に存在する知識を三次元で検討できるこの作品には、人間と労働の関係を問い、さらに「作る」という意識は人間、道具、素材、どこに境を付ければ良いかという問いを提示する。
woodblock carving hand positions
Artwork, plaster cast hands of master woodblock carver, Louise Rouse
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